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You’re a curious thing, aren’t you?

I like that. In fact, I’m a bit of a curiousity creature myself. Welcome! Let me tell you about Discover Improve.


The Origins

My whole life, I have been fascinated by psychology and human potential. The concept of Discover Improve is an idea which has stuck with me and simultaneously eaten away at my soul for the last ten years; to create a platform where I could share all of the things that I’ve learned through my obsession with discovering new ways to improve my life. The burden of having this unexplored idea that I believed could be my ‘passion’, finally became too much to bear last year, and this website was born. I do not know if it will be my Magnum Opus, a means to an end, or simply something I need to get out of my system. Regardless, here we are.

So, what’s this all about? I truly believe that the best way to learn and understand something is to research it so well that you can teach it to someone else. Sadly, I’ll never be a great speaker or teacher, because I can’t speak as fast as I think and the words end up coming out in a stammering sh*t pile. I need to process my thoughts and filter out the weird stuff before I can settle on some solid ideas and arguments. That’s where the writing comes in. It helps me to collect my thoughts and requires me do the necessary research to verify my arguments. The amount of time and effort I put into these writings is stupidly high, and it simply seems greedy to hoard all that effort and keep it to myself. So now they belong to you too. 


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The Mission

The fundamental purpose of this website is to bring some value to your life, be it through a perspective you haven’t thought of before, an idea that you could implement in your own life, or even a dash of motivation to go and try something out for yourself. I will also be sharing field notes from little experiments that I try out on myself so that you too can learn from my inevitable mistakes. I am your self-appointed, self improvement guinea pig.

More than anything, I want this teeny piece of the internet that I have carefully carved out to be something of value to others. It took me too long to realise that you actually don’t need to be born special to achieve great things, and that with the right mindset and tools, anyone can be superhuman.

About discover improve, about discover improve

The Guinea Pig

My name is Susie and I am Irish, hailing from the true capital of Cork. Before you ask, yes I sometimes drink too much, and I most certainly am partial to a good potato. Sadly I’m not very lucky, and I don’t have flaming auburn hair, but we can’t have it all, can we? I actually don’t spend that much time in Ireland anymore, and haven’t lived there for almost three years. After my two year love affair with the glorious city of Amsterdam ended in 2018, I’ve been on a mission to find a new place to settle down. I’ve spent most of that time since in Malta, ticking off a few other European countries here and there as I can.

Hand on my heart, music is my lifebreath. I couldn’t live without it. Seriously, appreciating an absolute banger of a song is my raison d’etre. I can find something in every genre that I love. Disco, Trance, Rap, Pop, Rock, Future, Jazz, Mongolian Throat Singing, whatever it is, I’ll find a gem. Mostly though, I love that kind of blow-your-head-off Hardstyle music that will almost certainly leave me deaf by forty. Thanks, Dutchies!

Not mush room for sitting, but I found a place.

At University, I studied a Bachelor degree in English and Psychology. These allowed me plenty of time to watch Jon Lajoie YouTube videos and scroll endlessly through millions of 9GAG memes. I also have a Masters degree in Human Resource Management (HRM).

The thing I have studied the most, however, is my weird obsession: just how far can we push ourselves? I don’t always translate the things I learn about into my daily life, but sometimes I do get a kind of divine inspiration. Last year I completed a ten day long water fast just to see what it would do to me. I went to work everyday and skipped the amazing cafeteria lunches. Just sitting there with with my 2 litre bottle of water and some salt capsules like a weirdo. [Please, don’t even consider doing it without medical supervision and proper preparation.] Another time, I decided to run 5km without stopping every single day before work, despite not having ever had the physical fitness to do that. I managed to last 16 days before inevitably scrapping it due to injury. These days, I’m working towards more stable and sustainable improvements.

In every other way, I’m just a regular, everyday, normal guy full of fears, anxieties, and impatience. I have pissed away numerous opportunities due to negative thinking or apathy, and I have many regrets. I do not have six-pack abs or make big dollar bills. Everyday, I struggle with doing the thing I love most. I want to write, but I am often lazy and Netflix is more fun. I have failed at this website before and will fail at many other things in the future, I’m sure.

Despite this, I’m training myself not to give in to excuses anymore. I’m choosing, at the very least, to just try and achieve something special. Sure, isn’t that all we can do?


Time to Explore

Thank you for reading this far, and for your interest in learning about Discover Improve. I sincerely hope you find something that tickles your fancy while exploring this site. To the Home page, and beyond!