Some days are just harder than others. After dragging yourself out of bed, you end up staring into space, unable to move and drooling like a zombie in a daydream. Frantically searching for your braiiiinnnss. Why can’t you move your body and do things? Where is your motivation?

Well, I’m here to snap you out of your trance. During those days when I feel meh and can’t get going; I simply watch one of the below videos. From the magical power of Les Brown to the actionable examples of Mel Robbins, you’re bound to find something that revives you from your lazy daze.

Without further ado, here are the ten best motivational speeches that always get me inspired to get stuff done, SON.


1. Les Brown

Les Brown is one of the greatest motivational speakers in the world, and for good reason. He has a way with words that will captivate, energise, and ultimately spur you into taking action; no matter who you are or what you do. Click below to enjoy his most electrifying speech, ‘Your dream is possible’.


2. Lisa Nichols

Lisa has the gift of genuine interpersonal connection. If you don’t say “Dang, that’s so me” at least once during this video, I’ll chop off my baby toe. Not only will she inspire you, but Lisa Nichols also hits you with profound one-liners that stay with you long after you stop watching.


3. Zig Ziglar

The world lost a great shining light the day that Zig Ziglar passed away. Luckily for us, he left a legacy of amazing content that will long outlive him. Zig changes your perspective on what is possible using tons of real world stories and anecdotes, with an added sprinkle of something special. Not sure what it is about him, but his speeches just hit different. Maybe it’s because he sounds like Frank Underwood’s long-lost virtuous twin. 👀


4. Mel Robbins

I have to say, I’m not sure where I would be in this world without Mel Robbins. No joke. She was the first female speaker who really made me pay attention to the self development genre. Dealing with the topic of inaction due to anxiety, Mel provides easy steps that anyone can use to change their lives. More than anything, she’s real as hell.


5. Bob Proctor

I thought that the law of attraction and ‘manifesting’ was wishy-washy BS before I stumbled upon Bob Proctor’s work. He goes a level deeper, simplifying the physics of the universe to help you better understand vibrations. I mean in a really simple way. Think: “what you put out, you get back”, in far more convincing language.


6. Tony Robbins

What list could possibly be complete without Tony Robbins? If he were a shark, he’d be the Megalodon of the motivational speaker world. Tony Robbins’ straight talking realism hits you right in the heart, and will be sure to motivate you to get you into your gym shoes, or start writing that novel.


7. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s speeches are the epitome of meaningful dialogue. She will change your world view, inspire you to take action, and teach you how to begin working on yourself. Oprah is living proof that when you put in the work, the world aligns to support you. Is there anything more powerful than that?


8. Jim Rohn

Just have a quick glance through the YouTube comments and see how many times people thank this guy for changing their lives for the better. Jim’s words inspire you to change the way you see your future, and he offers practical methods for moulding your future self. Another speaker who has sadly passed on, Jim Rohn’s inspirational words continue to stand the test of time.


Which speech impacted you the most? Did your favourite motivational speech make this list? Let me know in the comments below! 😎

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