It’s official! Discover Improve is on YouTube!

I’ve decided to branch out into making animated videos (while still maintaining the blog of course!). Hopefully this will be an easier way for people to consume my content, and maybe a bit more fun too. 😉 In the last few months I’ve been trying my hand at making some animations and I’ve really enjoyed it. However, it has been torture having to listen back to my voice on the recording all the time during the editing process. 👀 **shudders**

This also means that from now on there will be new content each week! Woohoo! There will be a blog post and a YouTube video every second week in rotation. While I will be strictly following this publishing schedule, I may not always post my YouTube videos into a blog post like this. So, the best way to stay informed is to subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on the notifications. YouTube will then let you know immediately when I upload a new video. You can subscribe to the channel page here. 😊

Without further ado, here is the first video on the channel, where I discuss how not to care what others think of you.



Want some more? You can also find more motivational video in the ‘Watch’ section of this site. Click here.

Would you like me to write or make an animation for a topic that you are particularly interested in? Make sure to let me know via the contact form. Even if you would just like to give some feedback, I’m all ears. After all, it wouldn’t be Discover Improve, if I wasn’t OK with taking some criticism!

Happy Tuesday!😎

How not to care what others think of you: