With the never-ending barrage of distressing news, including the woeful arrival of the virus (a.k.a ‘C Who Shall Not Be Named’), this decade is certainly off to a rocky start. To top it all off, experts also now agree that another global recession is inevitable, and it will probably be worse than the financial crisis of 2008. 😐

Now I’m not trying to be alarmist – this is not something to feel anxious about just yet. In fact, this perfect storm of worldwide quarantine and the promise of more trying times to come, may just be the impetus you need to get out of that Netflix loop and do something purposeful and beneficial for your future.

There are many other measures that you can take to prepare financially for an economic downturn if you already have savings or other capital. However, for those who don’t, the most important thing you can do right now is to harness your employability and secure a steady income. Luckily, there are ample opportunities in the tech sector, and the barrier to entry is decreasing each day. Woohoo!


Why are these tech jobs recession proof exactly?

1. These are the type of jobs that were still in high demand during the last recession and that’s not expected to change.

2. Tech is one of the highest paid sectors in which a college degree is not required.

3. With abundant resources available online to learn the skills you need yourself, it’s never been easier or cheaper to upskill!


Where to Learn

My favourite free (or super-cheap) online resource hubs are Udemy, YouTube, Coursera, Khan Academy, Alison, edX, Codecademy, and PluralSight.


Top 5 Recession Proof Tech Jobs You Can Learn By Yourself


1. Computer Programmer / Software Developer

The terms computer programmer and web developer are often used interchangeably as they tend to have overlapping duties. In simple terms, programmers and developers spend most of their days writing and testing code, and are well-versed in a few different programming languages.

Added bonus: if asked how many languages you speak, you can be like “hmm, only six I guess, how about you?” 😛

recession proof tech jobs→Where to Start:

A great place to start is to try out learning HTML & CSS as these are the foundation of every website. These languages are super fun and deceptively easy to learn! Once you’ve accomplished this, I recommend checking out this handy roadmap which helps you to decide what languages or frameworks to learn next.

→Keywords to Search:

“Web development bootcamp”, “Coding for beginners”, “Introduction to HTML & CSS”, “Make my own website with HTML & CSS”, “Introduction to software development”, “Programming for beginners”


2. SEO Specialist / Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation marketing includes things like getting your Facebook post seen by millions of people and ensuring your company website appears at the top of Google searches. As a result of the acceleration of online business in the last decade, SEO skills have never been more in demand.

SEO is surprisingly easy to learn, but requires constant upskilling. This is because those pesky algorithms are constantly updating and previously successful strategies quickly become saturated and ineffective.

Remember: SEO specialists are the kind of people who love rush hour. Why? ‘Cause there’s so much traffic! (SORRY)

→Where to Start:

If you have basic social media knowledge, then just dive straight in to an SEO course or digital marketing bootcamp. You won’t be lost, I promise.

→Keywords to Search:

“SEO 2020”, “SEO for beginners”, “SEO bootcamp”, “Digital marketing bootcamp”, “Introduction to social media marketing”


3. Database Administrator

Database administrators store and organise all company data in databases. Most importantly however, DA’s are responsible for monitoring database systems and servers, backing up data and ensuring that sensitive information is secure from unauthorised access. They are the gatekeepers of the entire data realm and decide who gets special access. Freakin’ wizards.

recession proof tech jobs→Where to Start:

First do a general YouTube video about database administration. Next, do some research into the kind of database jobs in your area. Are they looking for skills in Oracle or MySQL? Choose the most appropriate one and go hell for leather into that.

→Keywords to Search:

“DBA Introduction”, “Oracle DBA for beginners”, “Foundations of SQL for database administrators”, “Junior DBA course”, “SQL DBA bootcamp”


4. Data Analyst

Data analysts help companies to make better business decisions. They identify trends based on company data and make predictions for the future. You could say that data analysts are like detectives, except instead of solving crime, they’re investigating wildcat logistics and halting bad business decisions in their tracks. Kablam!

→Where to Start:

First, look at data visualisation (how to display information in an effective manner). From there, you can work backwards to learn about software tools such as Excel, BI and Tableau.

→Keywords to Search:

“Data science bootcamp”, “Introduction to data analysis”, “Become a data analyst 2020”, “Excel for data analysts”, “Learn BI data software” “T-SQL for beginners”


5. Network/Systems Administrator

Like it says on the tin, network and systems administrators are responsible for the set up, maintenance and support of an organisations networks and systems. Put simply, the management of things like the company Intranet and Windows operating systems. Ooh, the power!

recession proof tech jobs→Where to Start:

The best place to start is with a general overview of internal networks – think security, setup, maintenance. Once you’ve gotten an overview of the main topics, you can take sample tests for network administrator exams, and think about pursuing an accredited certification in a system of your choice.

→Keywords to Search:

“CIS”, “Computer Information Systems”, “Sysadmin course”, “Certified network administrator bootcamp”, “Certificate in systems administration”, “Learn network technology and security”, “AWS SysOps course”


Are you thinking about changing to a career in tech? What did you think of this recession proof tech jobs list? Let me know in the comments below!

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